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Preventative and Diabetic Foot Care

Nowhere is it truer than your foot, that preventing a problem is easier on a person than treating a problem. Whether you have diabetes, arthritis, swelling, gout, neuropathy, poor circulation or any other underlying issue that effects the feet, the best thing you can do is have routine checks and prompt care if an issue arises. That is why I can see you in my office the same day or next day. I also provide coverage at the local hospitals and can be easily reached after hours.

Fortunately, with earnest prophylactic evaluations these risk factors can be reduced, significantly reducing the chances of having negative life altering consequences for yourself or loved ones.

The best advice given is always, it is easier to treat something small in the office than something large in the hospital.

My extensive training with some of the top leaders in the field and academic publications have allowed me to optimize my care to keep you out of trouble, or healed quickly if a problem arises.

I would encourage you, as well as encouraging your family and friends to have their feet evaluated for these underlying risks. The best strategy is always prevention.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, and certainly if I can provide a service to your or any of your family and friends, the office is able to accommodate visits same day or next day. Everyone in the office is looking forward to establishing a collaborative professional partnership with you to better serve the area.

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