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Developing an ulcer is one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, especially a diabetic patient. Prolonged wound care, infections, multiple courses of antibiotics, hospitalizations, surgery, and amputations are some of the possible consequences of a wound. Additionally, the systemic impact from ulcers/infections on other organ systems, disruption of daily life, and psychological impact of outcome uncertainty have an enormous effect on people as well.

It is essential that diabetic patients be checked for underlying deformities of their feet, most commonly equinus and hammertoes, that can directly lead to ulceration. When these are combined with neuropathy, the deformities lead to excessive pressure that is undetected and so often unfortunately discovered only after ulcers or infections have developed, too often resulting in amputations.

Being the only Board Certified Foot and Ankle Surgeon in the area, I am uniquely qualified to provide you the best care possible. With my extensive training with leading experts in the field, and numerous publications presenting the most effective treatment strategies, I can provide you the care needed to heal as quickly as possible and minimize chances of developing ulcers in the future.

I would encourage you, as well as encouraging your family and friends to have their feet evaluated for these underlying risks; especially people who have a history of a wound or currently dealing with a wound. The best strategy is always prevention, but if a wound develops the goal must be to obtain closure as rapidly as possible with proper aggressive treatment to mitigate the concomitant morbidities. When it comes to diabetic feet, limb preservation is always the goal.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call, and certainly if I can provide a service to your or any of your family and friends, the office is able to accommodate visits same day or next day. Everyone in the office is looking forward to establishing a collaborative professional partnership with you to better serve the area.

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